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About Us


My Vegan Finder is an ethical family run business by a vegan family for veteran vegans and aspiring vegans.


We are passionate about the vegan lifestyle & advocate for animal rights, environmental issues and good health.


Vegan is love and our ethos is to promote vegan businesses and products that care for animals and the planet.


Our aim is to support both vegans and vegan businesses by providing a useful, helpful & accessible service.


and thanks for joining us in our little corner of the world wide web! Grab your coffee, green juice or your favourite cup of herbal tea, cozy up and stay for a while- you’ll be glad you did.

What We Do:

My Vegan Finder is an online directory & resource which advocates for everything vegan by highlighting services, products and issues relevant to a vegan lifestyle from vegan businesses, food, cosmetics, clothing to animal rights and everything in between. The site is run by a vegan family and our aim is to be a helpful and useful resource for vegans worldwide to access vegan products and services easily both in their local areas and while travelling.

Our Mission & Vision:

  • The intention behind ‘My Vegan Finder’ is to provide a comprehensive and user friendly resource to make a vegan lifestyle easy to follow by having an accessible and easy to use directory from which to search for vegan products and services worldwide.
  • We support vegan businesses by providing a platform that showcases their products and services and makes them easily accessible by users. The platform is intuitive and searchable by keywords making it user friendly and efficacious for product specific searches by customers.
  • We highlight and review vegan products and businesses from food to ethical vegan clothing, shoes and cruelty free cosmetics  in the directory, via our blog and through social media campaigns to raise their profile and  to keep our targeted audience up to date with the latest products, services and trends.

We endeavour to add as much information, features, updates and review as many vegan products, influential people and ethical businesses as we can, if we miss out any products you like or have not yet covered an issue close to your heart, simply send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we are able. Likewise if you spot any mistakes, just let us know and we’ll correct it.

Our aim is to offer our readers and supporters the best vegan resource and we welcome all constructive comments and suggestions. If you own a vegan business please claim it or submit it to the directory.

“Being vegan is the sincerest and most committed form of activism to me because every vegan understands that dedicating your whole lifestyle to your beliefs & philosophy is what true integrity is. With ‘My Vegan Finder’, I’m simply extending that integrity and activism into the world to serve the vegan community and make veganism easy and accessible to all by providing a user friendly platform for users to search for and discover the products & services they want and need while also supporting vegan businesses by giving them a place to showcase their offerings to customers. I firmly believe that the easier it is to live vegan, the more people will grow to love being vegan.”

Khutso Dunbar, Founder & Owner ‘My Vegan Finder’

We’d like to thank you all for your custom & ongoing support while we work together to advance veganism- for the planet, our health & the animals!