My Vegan Finder takes the security of your personal information extremely seriously. We are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy at all times.
On the 25th May 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) shall come into effect. Under this new law, European standards in data protection shall align with current technology standards.

Here are our policies and documentation in relation to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):

Privacy Policy

My vegan Finder data protection guidelines:

It is our intention and commitment to raise awareness of the vegan and ecologically sustainable offerings of all  vegan businesses and to offer our users the best possible user experience. For this purpose, we collect information about the businesses and their users. These guidelines explain how we collect information and how it is used and shared.
We at ‘’, operator of the vegan business database “My Vegan Finder”—are of the conviction that data protection is important for a free, democratic society. We thus make every effort to make our data protection practices transparent and to give you control over your data with regard to the collection and use of this data by “myveganfinder”. Please read these guidelines carefully before using our website or our app. Your privacy is very important to us. For this reason, we have taken measures to ensure that personal information or data that we receive from you is processed and used in compliance with law.
What personal data does “myveganfinder” collect?

What is personal data?

Personal data is information about personal or factual circumstances of an identified or identifiable person. Some examples are name, address, email address, profile picture, telephone number, certain types of server protocols from the browser, IP address, your Facebook name and your Facebook ID.
Personal data that you share with us
We save all information that you actively share with us. To be able to offer some services from the website and the app, we must collect certain personal information. Save as legally necessary or otherwise permitted, all personal information collected by us will be used exclusively for the purpose of providing agreed services. We will not keep it longer than is necessary for this purpose.
Personal data that is collected includes but is not limited to your name, your email address, your user name for Facebook, your location (if you share it), your Facebook ID and (anonymised) your user behaviour with regard to the use of “myveganfinder” and browser information. If you share your location, we may collect it. We also use the location services of the corresponding operating systems; this can be changed by you in the settings of your system at any time.
The personal data that you provide will be used for various purposes, in particular to enable us to create a user account and a profile, with which you can interact with other users by means of our services. Your “myveganfinder” account is linked with your email address or—optionally—with your Facebook account.

Automatically collected information

When you use “myveganfinder”, information is automatically produced, which is read and logged by our server protocols from your browser or your mobile platform, including your location (if shared), the type of browser, operating information, mobile provider, cookie information (more on this point below in information about cookies) and the website you requested. If not described differently in these data protection guidelines or agreed in a separate data protection agreement, “myveganfinder” will only use personal data in an anonymised form. We can transmit collected, anonymised data with information about how our users use our service in aggregate to our partners, allowing our partners to have insight into how often people use our services

How will my information be shared?

We will not rent or sell your personal information to anyone! Any transmission of data to third parties will only occur in an anonymised form, such that no individualisation is possible, or when it is legally allowed, or your consent to transmission has been obtained.
Please note that we can use your Facebook login to log into “myveganfinder”. In the process, certain data (including but not limited to personal data) could be transmitted to Facebook. Please read the Facebook data protection policy on this point, which may be found under the following link:

Determining and sharing locations

“myveganfinder” works best when your location is activated. For this, the app must know your location. As soon as you open/use our app on your cell phone or go to our website and, either in the app or on the website, agree to have your location recorded, we use the location information from your mobile device or browser (such as longitude and latitude), to adapt “myveganfinder” to the current location (this means that we show you a list of places to eat near your location). This information regarding your location will not be shared with other “myveganfinder” users or third parties.
Sharing your location
Your location will not be shared on the app. When you compose an evaluation, ‘like’ something, or interact with a location in another way, users may be able to extrapolate that you have visited this location. Evaluations have a time stamp, and other users will be able to extrapolate from this that you were at this location at that time, although evaluations can also be created when you are not at the location for which you are leaving an evaluation.
Features of the services
“myveganfinder” contains multiple functions with which you can share information with others. Please consider that with some functions of the service, you are making personal data available, and that this data is then available to the broader community or may be published on our website, which can be indexed by the search engines of third parties. Among these functions are evaluations, adding photos, and adding menu photos.
Protection of “myveganfinder”
We reserve the right to transfer personal data to third parties (for example, prosecution authorities or courts), if this is legally allowed or is necessary for the provision of our agreed services, or you have given your consent.

Email communication

After registration with “myveganfinder”, we will occasionally make information about our services available. We will only do this if (i) we have your explicit permission or (ii) you are a registered user with us and we are informing you about products and services similar to those that you have previously obtained from us.
In every case: if you do not wish to receive emails from us, you can simply unsubscribe by clicking the unsubscribe button provided under every email.
What is the situation with cookies and similar technologies?
We use technologies like cookies and tracking pixels on our website, in our emails, as well as in our app to make a range of products and services available to you. A cookie is a small text file that transfers a website or an app to your hard drive or your internet browser to track the usage of the website or app. Cookies are used to give visitors access to various functions. Through the information contained in a cookie, the way that you use the website can be observed. A tracking pixel is a small graphic in HTML emails or on websites that enables log file recording and log file analysis, which is used for statistical evaluations.
You can control cookies and tracking pixels through your browser settings and other tools. When you use our services with your computer or mobile device, you thereby agree to our use of cookies and tracking pixels in correspondence with these data protection guidelines. We can, for example, collaborate with advertisers or other partners and advertising service providers to make advertising or services that could be relevant to you on the basis of your interests as inferred by us or your location (or both) available on computers, cell phones, or other devices that use a device ID, cookies, or tracking pixels that are placed by “myveganfinder” or third parties on our service or on the website or app of a third party (though we do not transfer any additional data that could identify you to an advertiser). These data protection guidelines from “myveganfinder” also cover the use of cookies on the part of “myveganfinder” and their service providers, but not the use of cookies by other advertisers. If you do not agree to this, some iOS versions offer you the option to limit tracking of advertising in system settings, and some Android versions offer the opportunity in the system settings to do not allow any interests-based advertising.
My Vegan Finder is not responsible for the data protection guidelines and/or practices of other websites and does not take responsibility for the contents of these sites. When linking to another website, you should read the data protection guidelines of the linked website. These data protection guidelines only regulate the handling of data that was collected on this service.

How can I delete my account?

If you wish to delete your account, you can send us an email at When you cancel your account, your profile, including your user input (such as photos and likes but evaluations) will be deleted from the servers and the website of “myveganfinder”. Due to the way in which we maintain “myveganfinder”, it may be that deletion does not occur immediately, and copies of your profile information and posts may remain on our backup media for as long as ninety (90) days. In addition, your evaluations will be anonymised.

How will data be deleted from my account?

You can delete/change individual contents or information that you have posted with your account or on your profile, or have such contents removed by us by writing to us under . In the process, we ask that you name the content that you wish to have deleted as clearly and precisely as possible. Even after data is removed from your account or profile, copies of this data may still be visible in other places, to the extent that this data was shared with others or copied or saved by other users. Removed and deleted data can remain in the backup file for up to ninety (90) days before it is fully removed from our servers.

Will these data protection guidelines be altered?

“myveganfinder” may alter these data protection guidelines from time to time. If we change the way in which we use personal data, then we will inform you of this with the publication of new data protection guidelines and, to the extent necessary, we will arrange this new usage of personal data with you.

Deletion or correction of personal data, information

You may request a copy of the personal data that we have saved and used about you, and identification of the origin and any receivers of this, as well as the purpose of any data processing that we have performed. For further information, please contact us by email under You may be asked to provide proof of your identity (for example, a copy of an identity card), before you receive an answer, so that your identity can be checked.
You have the right to correct your personal data, to limit its use or to request its deletion by us. For this purpose, please use the following contact information to ask questions or to request the correction, limitation, or deletion of your personal data: